A solo piece created for Fluid Festival’s Physical Therapy Cabaret 2017. This piece was self-choreographed and performed for an intimate space, depicting loss, heartbreak, and even anger as an older woman is haunted by what she has lost in her life from not saying what she needed to say when she needed to say it.

“Kaja Irwin's physical transformation into an elderly woman for “Vroom” was striking, but it was her movements and way of portraying the loss of voice and autonomy that really captured my attention”

“…painted haunting portrayals of womanhood, creating a frantic energy that resonated throughout the space well after…” 

-Cobra Collins

Resurrected View

A new work created for the Annual Alberta Dance Festival 2017 featuring dancers Kimberly Cooper and Catherine Hayward. “Resurrected View” was inspired by the “View from Here” series by visual artist, Wanda Koop. This work experiments with the concept of whose perspective is revealed when putting on a death mask. It asks the question of whether we can ever escape who we truly are. Video courtesy of Dancer’s Studio West under the Artistic Direction of Davida Monk.


the stage...

60x60 is a Toronto based Festival directed by Vox Novus that chooses 60 choreographers and pairs them with 60 composers to choreograph 60 minute long pieces creating a varied evening of performance. Irwin's piece, Untitled, was the beginning of a movement and idea exploration of an unknown being, a combination of human, gorilla and alien qualities.

Decidedly Jazz Danceworks is a Canadian professional jazz dance company in its 33rd season. DJD focuses on the preservation of the roots of jazz as well as its evolution, consistently working with live musicians on stage with the dancers.